The Art-Business Entanglement

What I believe is – everything with a flavor of art becomes a masterpiece. By seeing, reading, or hearing the word art, somehow our minds think about paintings. We begin to imagine a canvas, a paintbrush, and some colors. But, is it always the same scenario? I guess no. We don’t have the criteria to choose the canvas. If the world is a canvas, we are the arts. Everything, where the underlying idea is creative expression, that’s art. Art encircles painting, dancing, singing, writing, photography and so much more. Of course, it’s a never ending list. But have you ever thought about the art of business? It’s a question I think about a lot. If our society is a canvas, business is an artistic medium for how to build the kinds of communities we want to live in. Business depends on creativity for its survival, just like art does.

Businesses, with ethics, consider art as a morale booster. Art has an inherent capability to heal and that will be a boon for businessmen bereft of profits at times. Business being a profit-based enterprise has a lot to count on art, as a sound moral base. It is the bedrock of any business that one would like to set up. Consequently, the arts are emerging as a role model for businesses to adopt. Any organization that’s been formed has to take some time to think about its structure. Most business owners, entrepreneurs, and startup professionals recognize one crucial element – ideas are currency. Besides, one must take time to capture and contemplate ideas, as it’s the most crucial beginning moment of making something. Business starts with ideas like art does. Art in business stimulates emotional responses and fosters personal relationships. It has an intrinsic value, enabling one to process life on the deepest level. Ideas provide the foundation for a business, and art gives it the required momentum.

Besides ideas, marketing is another crucial factor that takes business to the next level. Having said that, I hope, you all know about the book – The Art and Science of Marketing. The art of marketing comes from the doing of marketing – implementing programs to attain and retain customers, and seeing what works. The science of marketing comes from research – about markets, customers, competitors, and how effectively various marketing programs work. Business is an on-going cycle of art and science. Analyzing data that influences the imagination to create something new and experimenting with the idea to see how and if it works in the market. It goes on with gathering information, creating from it and experimenting with it, a never-ending balance of art and science.

Business is creative. It’s like painting. One can start with a blank canvas and can paint anything. If we take the example of Samsung, the first decision in Samsung’s marketing strategy was to develop new competitive and promotional strategies – strategies that transformed them into a global brand. During the launch of Galaxy Note10+ 5G, Samsung promoted it through a series of Instagram stories which was basically like a mind game, a mission, throughout which they kept on introducing their mind-blowing features, of course, that was unique and was justifying the importance of art in business as well as in marketing.

In day-to-day business, one generally uses logic, analysis, creativity, and innovation to solve problems; logic, analysis, and mainly creativity are all stimulated by art. Many successful businesses have one thing in common – they have used creativity and innovation to make changes to their business; changes which have proved vital to their success.

Art and business are entangled. The how of art and business is obvious in the recent parlance when one comes to make inroads into the life and living style. By doing business with a bang, one takes into account the customers viewpoint. Business with a moderate profit margin along with the prudent lines is like having the cake and icing it too. Business geeks use this art of “icing on the cake” and eventually make an enormous profit by winning the hearts of customers. Customer satisfaction comes first, which later attracts large customers giving rise to an unimaginable amplified gain. Similarly, employers also look after the well being of the employees making the latter committed to the company in connection. The example of Google making its employees’ welfare extravaganza in Canada, the second heaven on earth, is proving the importance of art in business beyond doubt.

As we know, change is the only constant. Change has become the order of the day. The business house that adopts change is certainly ahead of others in the cutting edge competitive world. Rising above orthodox mindsets and adopting change is also an art that will no doubt contribute towards the payback of any organization. The company that tends to go in sync with the changing world will make its way to the peak, unlike some old school. Art and business are entangled, it just takes a passionate person to implement his/her artistic skills in business. Art is everywhere, and thus, in business as well.

“Art, in itself, is an attempt to bring order out of chaos.” ~ Stephen Sondheim

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