Team Members

Oh, what to tell about her…The most exemplary leader I’ve come across. (*And mind you I’ve worked with 6 different societies!)

Ankita Jain has served Penned Peeps well. She has developed a team of her own from nothing. She has created a team of 43 passionate and dedicated members striving for excellence. She has fostered the feeling of belongingness in her team members. She picks up the slack of her team, whatever department, and gets the work done! She entered the field of organizing events to provide a platform to writers like herself. She started the journey of Penned Peeps alone and paved the way for other communities too! She brought innovation in open mics. Under her leadership, Penned Peeps has grown exponentially in two years, having organized 14 events and establishing a community of over 200 enthusiastic artists! She got Penned Peeps entered in the India Book of Records! 

Talking about her nature, she is a polite person (mostly!). She is always respectful of others. She will hear out your concerns patiently and resolve everything till you’re satisfied! All in all, we can say that Penned Peeps is in good, safe hands! 

Yash Mehra, one of the oldest members of Penned Peeps, also, the Head of the Core Committee, actually, needs no introduction. Assuming you’re here, reading about the team members, implies that you are aware of Penned Peeps, which further implies that you must know Yash Mehra too. He is “The Consul” of this organization and no one can deny the fact that he is the most diligent member of this community. We don’t want to ostentate our vocabulary but honestly, we’ll fall short of adjectives if we’ll start talking about him as a person or as a member.

Now we request him to come back down to ground! :p

Core Committee

Core Committee is the rung of the ladder between top management and the rest of the team. These are the people who started out in OC and various other departments, displayed true commitment and competence towards their work and were thus suitably rewarded! These are the ones whom you can count on to save the day, any day for that matter!

Organizing Committee 

The OC of Penned Peeps! These people do all the things, eventy! From pitching judges, to pitching sponsors, securing good venues for events, perfect marketing and promotion strategy for a good turnout, and the logistic and management, so that nothing goes wrong on the day of the event. Now, we’re not saying that they work in complete sync and everything is always sorted, our participants and audiences are saying this! :p


Anchors are the face of any event. A good anchor holds the event together, boosting the morale of performers and ensuring attention of the audiences. Thus having a set of good anchors is very crucial. Lucky for us, we do have some diligent people here! This team has worked and grown well over the events! 


Aahh this is us! We’re the people who write all the wonderful content for Penned Peeps, be it their website, posts on blog, event updates, captions, basically everything! And the quality of content, well what can we say!
We just have one fault. We take time to write good content! :p

Design and Technology

Graphic designing, video editing, covering events, is their forte! From designing posters for events to designing this website, and from covering events to editing photos and videos, they have been everywhere and done everything! Thank them later!