Business & Art: A Symbiotic Relationship

In the last post, we talked about why creativity should not be pitted against the numbers, but to be pursued just for the sake of art. Having said that, there is nothing wrong with pursuing your passion and making money out of it at the same time, for as long as your primary objective remains striving for perfection in your art, worldly success will follow you on its own. Let’s delve more into the intricacies of art and business.

Ah, the beauty that is art; and the skill that is business. Beauty and skill aren’t words one would use to describe the same thing, unless they’re talking about a suitor, in which case I say, pursue!

However, what if I told you, Business is Art? Appalling, isn’t it? To have something so technical and ‘boring’ essentially, to be compared with the most passionate thing to ever exist? Let me break it down for you. What would one make a business out of? Something they’re passionate about. Business may be necessary to sustain life, but art is what we stay alive for. And once you turn that art into your business, you have found your golden goose. Isn’t this what we are, anyway? A business consisting of art? An artful business? And boy have we never had a boring day in our lives. Art and business have blended themselves together to form the perfect Goldilocks combination.

Now that we have looked over the approach of turning your art into your business, how about we go over it in a literal manner? What if business is your passion? Then isn’t business, quite literally, your art? The boring aspect is completely out. It’s just passion and nothing. Isn’t that the dream job?

The entire process of business is just so dynamic and intricate that it is no less than artfulness. It’s beauty. The smooth running of an empire is nothing less than splendid, marvelous, beautiful. So isn’t it safe to say, passionate or not, business is art, by itself? Art can be found anywhere. The functioning of a business is art itself, the promotion of art is business itself. Both compliment each other.

Then why do we call one boring, and the other beautiful? Why is one a skill, and the other
beauty? Why is one passion, and the other apathy?
When they are both, the same thing?