Social Media & Artistic Businesses

When you’re artistically gifted, more often than not, you have the tendency to showcase your works to others. And why not? Your choice of art is your identity and you deserve to share it with others. However, being a creative person in the 21st century is not just about your art, but also, the way you present it to others.

You can, at any time, start your own business in your area of talent, be it poetry, story writing, painting, sketching, sculpting, creating best out of waste items, music composition, dancing, and so much more. The best part of starting your own artistic business is that you don’t feel bored at any time in the process rather you fully enjoy it. This not only helps you grow as an artist but also boosts your financial growth! But, with the umpteen number of social media platforms that have come up, it just increases your confusion as to which one to use for yourself. Here are some of the top platforms that you must explore in order to reward the artist within yourself.

  • YouTube

One of the biggest platforms that you can present your art on a large scale is definitely YouTube! YouTube gives you a platform to post any kind of content as long as it is not against its policies. To get your art business started, you can start off by posting small videos of your art and should aim at a good reach. It is better you go for a business account. It is not difficult to create one and you can follow the process by browsing through the internet. Once that is done, you can provide your contact details if you want, so that people can reach out to you.

You can make videos of yourself painting, sketching or sculpting something along with the final result. You can post videos of yourself reciting your self-composed stories and poems. You can post videos dancing for a minute or two on some of the latest and trending tunes. All of this can be done in order to boost and promote your business. YouTube is definitely one of the platforms that you need to consider when you want to get started with your artistic business.

  • Pinterest

Pinterest was launched in 2010 and even after ten years, it has been one of the best platforms to explore practically everything! Before you plan to start your art business on this particular platform, it is advisable that you become well-aware of its parameters and objectives. One thing that you should remember is that Pinterest is more of a visual display platform rather than a networking and marketing one. Therefore, it is advised that you seek some professional help when trying to launch your art business through this platform. However, this should not discourage you from exploring this particular media engine. Businesses started from Pinterest have actually turned out to be very successful.

  • Facebook

No matter how many apps we start using, Facebook is always going to be the app most of us started our social media journey with. Nowadays, the youth does not engage in using Facebook to such great extents and is more inclined towards the other social media apps. However, according to studies conducted by several analysts, it has been found that the Facebook marketplace has a lot to offer to the ones engaging in such activities. Facebook is definitely one of the apps that are set to boost your art business massively. It will help you connect with like-minded artistic people and communities which can help you expand your business once you have started it.

You can post pictures, videos, tutorials, and so much more on Facebook. Facebook is considered to be the best app in terms of the tools it has to offer to the person or unit planning to sell by means of this platform. Facebook does not stop at just offering a platform to the artists, but also guides them towards improving their business by providing constant tips and similar facilities. Facebook has come up with a feature, Buy Button. This feature can be used after running the business on the platform for almost a year and a half. After that, it can be applied to the promoted posts and it can truly change the face of your project.

  • LinkedIn

Another great platform that can help you in getting your artistic business started is LinkedIn. Your first aim should be to build a strong profile as an artist in the kind of art you focus on. Not many people know this but, LinkedIn is one platform that has a huge network of successful employers, entrepreneurs, individuals, and commercial houses that are purely art-based. This should be your target audience if you need to start your art business. You have to build a strong profile and portfolio in order to be recognised as a professional in the field.

Once this is done, you need to start posting your work up on your LinkedIn profile. You can also share articles related to your art. Make sure you have a lot of connections on LinkedIn who can help you in not just promoting your business but also in getting recognition from the big players in the field. They can definitely be a great help, especially in terms of finance management and support and help your art and business flourish together. This will also help you in attracting the right buyers in the market to your work.

In the end, you need to remember that the internet has several platforms that you can use in order to get your art business started and start earning while enjoying the process. These are the top platforms and when starting your business, it is advised that you first explore these platforms. These are the top platform in the market and have a lot more to offer than a simple space to display your creative side. You also need to remember to read through all the terms and policies of each platform and take forward your activities accordingly and very carefully. With the right guidance and good planning, and a great amount of artistic input, you can be one of the most successful businessman/woman while pursuing your passion for art.

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