Hunar-E-Dilli 3.0

Hunar-e-Dilli is the annual flagship event of Penned Peeps which creates a platform for artists of all ages and categories. With its third edition, we’ve put our focus towards our younger audience to provide their talent the level of exposure it deserves. The entire event was divided into three rounds:
Talaash-e-Hunar (Auditions)
Taraash-e-Hunar (Semis)
Shabaash-e-Hunar (Finals)

It was definitely difficult to conduct the event on such a large scale and manage everything, but at the end of the day, the bright smiles on the face of our performers made all the work seem worth the effort!

Date: Jan-Feb 2020
Venue: CoHo, Gurugram; Himalaya International School, Rohini.

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