Hunar-e-Dilli 2.0

The second edition of Hunar-e-Dilli, the first of its kind talent hunt series, was our effort to provide a stage to varied forms of arts and talents. The difference between the first and second edition was relaxing the restriction from only individual participation to allow duets and group participation too. 

The judges for the day were Ahmad Faraz, Kritika Goyal, Vicky Ahuja, and Pranav, all respected experts in their fields. They judged all the participants across a broad spectrum of parameters to ensure impartiality. Smriti Singh was declared the winner of the event and Ditto Joy was the runner up. Awards were also given to best performers in different categories.  

  • Date: March 31, 2019
  • Venue: KRIMS Auditorium, Pitampura

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