Celebrating Art, Creativity, and Business for three years

In this blog, we have talked about Art & Business and the way they are connected. We tried to look at it through different perspectives, investigating what it would be like if we distinguished one from another. We tried and we failed. People may have different opinions but what I believe is that art, which may be abstract and subjective at times; and business which may be very objective and even boring at times, indeed, share a beautiful bond together. The reason I can be this certain is because I have lived and actually experienced this bond grow over the past three years through my experience with my own startup Penned Peeps. Penned Peeps utilizes its business acumen of over 40 people, to organize open mics, fests, and other events and provide a platform to people of varying talents. Efficient financial and operational management right from the start has helped Penned Peeps maintain itself and grow further. The creative artistic touch provided by team members as well as the participants has led to many successful events, creating a happy community of artists and performers. Penned Peeps reflect how the combination of business and art works for mutual benefit.

Before I proceed further, there are a few people that I want to talk about in this post.

Shubham Kohli

Shubham has been with the team since September 2018. He works in a reputed airline during the day, and writes wonderful poems and shayris, by night. He didn’t want to lose out on his passion in the race of the corporate world. We needed someone to anchor our flagship event. We connected, it was his first attempt at anchoring and boy did he lit the stage on fire. He never looked back since that day. Two years later, he’s still carrying on with his professional life. But he also doubles as the Anchor’s Head at Penned Peeps, teaching what he knows to other novice anchors, helping them grow. He has managed to keep his passion alive.

Nancy Goyal

After class twelfth, Nancy wanted to pursue CA and we all already know about the life of CA students but to add a little spark to hers, and not let her writing talent go to waste, she made her way from Panipat to Delhi, in heavy rains, in August of 2019, to participate in her first-ever open mic event. She was a natural performer and her poetries made their way to the hearts of thousands. With over 21k followers on Instagram right now, she is already a star, finding her way through the world, trying to do justice to both her talents and professional life. 

Raghav Joshi

Raghav is a ten-year-old kid, currently studying in Delhi. But that is not the only thing he’s good at. Raghav is also an aspiring theatre artist. I met Raghav when we went to his school to conduct open auditions for Hunar-e-Dilli 3.0. So many talented kids like Raghav from different schools participated in the event and realized the importance of exploring themselves, their art and creativity, from acting to painting and from poetry to singing and dancing. If we can help them understand that their talents matter as much as the academics, their creativity matters as much as their professional life, then, I’ll know that my organization has succeeded. 

Ditto Joy 

Mr. Joy came and participated in one of our events in 2018. He practised and kept improving himself. Less than a year later, we had organized an event for him, to attempt an India Book of Records. He did and he succeeded. Another year down, and he now has two records accredited to his name, the second one made jointly by him and Mrs. Joy. The satisfaction that we got from providing a platform to such an amazing artist was more than any profits that we could have made. 

This is what happens when we combine Creativity with Business. We find people who are not limited just by their profession. Mr. Gupta is not just the branch manager at ICICI bank, he’s also fond of playing the flute in his free time. Samarth from my school is not just an analyst at E&Y, he’s a storyteller too. And someone you know, maybe you yourself, have aspects of their life that have been left unexplored, untouched, under the pressure of society. At the beginning of this post, I talked about how certain I am about the beautiful bond of art and business. These people are real-life examples who prove this bond. Business is a noble pursuit, necessary to sustain life, and art, art is our creative pursuit necessary for our joy and happiness.  

We had started our journey today, precisely three years ago. It has been a hell of a ride. Just the thought that somewhere someone is practising his singing right now, perfecting her canvas, rehearsing their dance moves, writing not just a story or a poem, but their career, and that this organization can play a part in it too, can provide them with the exposure that they need, can give their art the boost that it deserves, just the thought of providing an appreciative stage and a loving audience, fills me with joy. The team members who work hard day and night make all of this possible. The business aspect of Penned Peeps makes it all possible, without which, there would be no Penned Peeps. Art is an integral part of Business and so is Business of Art. This relationship has brought the world this far and will continue to do so in future. I’m looking forward to discovering more talents and providing a platform to even more people, in my journey of Penned Peeps. But today, it’s the day of celebrating art, creativity, business, and Penned Peeps! 

Cheers team!
Happy anniversary!

Ankita Jain

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  1. Thank you Team Penned Peeps for the lovely words. You are a great team of energetic youngsters who are working so hard to promote local talents. I am very happy that the team is getting better year by year and exploring many new things. Keep continuing this team spirit and there is a very long way for you to go. You have always my full support for all your future events and endeavors. Best wishes to all my young champions… 🙂

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