Hunar-E-Dilli 3.0

Hunar-e-Dilli is the annual flagship event of Penned Peeps which creates a platform for artists of all ages and categories. With its third edition, we’ve put our focus towards our younger audience to provide their talent the level of exposure it deserves. The entire event was divided into three rounds:
Talaash-e-Hunar (Auditions)
Taraash-e-Hunar (Semis)
Shabaash-e-Hunar (Finals)

It was definitely difficult to conduct the event on such a large scale and manage everything, but at the end of the day, the bright smiles on the face of our performers made all the work seem worth the effort!

Date: Jan-Feb 2020
Venue: CoHo, Gurugram; Himalaya International School, Rohini.

Hunar-e-Dilli 2.0

The second edition of Hunar-e-Dilli, the first of its kind talent hunt series, was our effort to provide a stage to varied forms of arts and talents. The difference between the first and second edition was relaxing the restriction from only individual participation to allow duets and group participation too. 

The judges for the day were Ahmad Faraz, Kritika Goyal, Vicky Ahuja, and Pranav, all respected experts in their fields. They judged all the participants across a broad spectrum of parameters to ensure impartiality. Smriti Singh was declared the winner of the event and Ditto Joy was the runner up. Awards were also given to best performers in different categories.  

  • Date: March 31, 2019
  • Venue: KRIMS Auditorium, Pitampura

Hunar-e-Dilli 1.0

Organized on the one year anniversary of Penned Peeps, Hunar-e-Dilli 1.0 was the first time when an event other than an open mic was organized. Hunar-e-Dilli aimed at opening the range of our platform to include more art forms and talents. The idea was to give everyone a stage to showcase themselves.
A panel of jury, experts of different fields, would judge the performers on various parameters and at the end of the event, a winner and runner up would be selected. Cash prizes, trophies, merchandise, vouchers and various assorted gifts were given to the winners! 

This was a talent hunt event featuring brilliant poets and poetess to amazing painters, singers, instrumentalists, dancers and even a beat-boxer offering the toughest competition to each other!
Smriti Singh was adjudged the winner of the event and Pragya Dubey was the runner up. 

  • Date: September 06, 2018
  • Venue: Muktdhara Auditorium, CP