Aagaaz 2020, Daulat Ram College

Aagaaz’20, the annual social fest of NSS, Daulat Ram College was our latest collaborative event in DU. From Slam Poetry to Nukkad Natak and Talent Hunt to Doodle making, it was packed with loads of creative, and fun events. The broad theme of the fest was Climate Change and how we could improve our efforts to tackle the impending danger. The perfect coordination, enthusiastic participation and dedicated volunteers made for yet another successful event!

Date: March 04, 2020
Venue: Daulat Ram College, Delhi University

Mehfil: Open Mic 12.0

For writers, the diary is their happy place; for singers, it’s the music; and similarly for any artist, his or her art is their safe, happy place, a reflection of their passion and personality.
And a gathering of artists, well you can imagine how soulful and refreshing that was!

Well those who were there, don’t need to know. They experienced it at the twelfth edition of our open mic series, महफ़िल: Open Mic 12.0

Date: Feb 16, 2020
Venue: CoHo, Lajpat Nagar

Hunar-E-Dilli 3.0

Hunar-e-Dilli is the annual flagship event of Penned Peeps which creates a platform for artists of all ages and categories. With its third edition, we’ve put our focus towards our younger audience to provide their talent the level of exposure it deserves. The entire event was divided into three rounds:
Talaash-e-Hunar (Auditions)
Taraash-e-Hunar (Semis)
Shabaash-e-Hunar (Finals)

It was definitely difficult to conduct the event on such a large scale and manage everything, but at the end of the day, the bright smiles on the face of our performers made all the work seem worth the effort!

Date: Jan-Feb 2020
Venue: CoHo, Gurugram; Himalaya International School, Rohini.

Novella 2020, Daulat Ram College

We collaborated with Department of English, Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi, for organizing their Annual Fest: NOVELLA 2020. Different events were organized under the annual fest including Black Out Poetry, Book Cover Designing, Singing, Slam Poetry, Dancing and Stand Up Comedy.

It was one long hard day, NOT :p

Date: Feb 04, 2020
Venue: Daulat Ram College, Delhi University

Rhythm: Open Mic 11.0

The latest open mic, named after the record attempt it featured in its itinerary, was a special event. Penned Peeps completed its two years anniversary on the day. And to celebrate the two years anniversary, we organized an open mic event. But it wasn’t just a simple open mic. Special performers were invited from previous events, those who had been coming in our events from long and knew us well now! And lastly, to set a new precedent, we organized an India Book of Records Attempt too! Felt really awesome when the record attempt was successful! 

And frankly how many communities can say “Been there, Done that!” when we say we organized a successful India Book of Records Attempt! :p

  • Date: August 31, 2019
  • Venue: Coho, Gurugram

काफ़िला जज़्बातों का : Open Mic 10.0

Expression is the essence of being human. Expression of our emotions and feelings, is what we all wish for. And a convoy of emotions, protected by words, was what we had in the tenth edition of our open mic series.   

Expressing emotions makes us free. It helps us declutter our lives. Isn’t that why it’s always advised to rant and vent out whatever you’re thinking instead of holding back. Express and feel better!  

  • Date: August 11, 2019
  • Venue: Coho, Gurugram

मिलाप : Open Mic 9.0

Reconciliation always brings great happiness, especially with the long lost friends. And on the occasion of friendship’s day, it’s just what you need to do! Sitting together over a cup of coffee and some cheese maggi, nostalgia hitting you hard as you remember the old stories! Memories, some make us laugh and others leave crying! This open mic saw opening of the old, dusty notebooks, the poetry written years ago! 

This event, a collaboration with another community, a ‘Milap’ of its own sort, was perhaps one of the better partnered events, opening avenues for future associations!   

  • Date: August 04, 2019
  • Venue: The Hosteller, Saket

Mavericks: Open Mic 8.0

A maverick, in simple terms, would be a person who is unorthodox. When you leave all your personal biases and prejudices behind and open your mind to the non-conventionality! (Ankita Jain is a maverick! Or so she believes..:p) 

The open mic carried the charm and fun of the last time. There were prizes and the voting system. And there were the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious participants! It was a joy to attend!

  • Date: July 21, 2019
  • Venue: Coho, Gurugram

Ruhaniyat: Open Mic 7.0

Being in touch with your soul is essential to live a joyful life. And that’s what Ruhaniyat tells us!

Starting from this open mic, we introduced some changes to the entire platform of open mics. A voting system was introduced to choose the performer of the day. Mark George won the title and the beautiful trophy. Ditto Joy and Manraj Singh were invited as special performers. 

The innovative methods, the awesome prizes and splendid performances combined together for a wonderful evening.

  • Date: June 30, 2019
  • Venue: Coho, Gurugram

जुस्तजू : Open Mic 6.0

The wants and desires of human mind are unlimited. And in the sixth edition of our open mic series, we tried to fulfill at least some of them. The desire to express your thoughts and ideas, the desire to share anything your views and opinions, actually, the desire to share whatever you want to. 

The idea was to provide a platform that won’t judge you for what you think or for your beliefs. And we believe that we did! :p

  • Date: May 26, 2019
  • Venue: Kunzum Travel Cafè, Gurugram