Art is what saves us from the horror of existence. The sole purpose of it is to calm the confused and confuse the calm.

This is what art means to me, the art of any type, theatre, writing, music, dance, painting, there is an art in every place, every nook and each corner. A child playing in the park giving his brightest smile is art, a tree shedding its leaves for the fall season is art, an old woman distributing her antique jewellery to the young ladies of the family is art, the way the wind moves and the sun shines on a peaceful Sunday morning is art, your mother leaving you an extra piece of cake because she knows you like it, is art. If we look for it, there is art truly everywhere, inspirations ready to be taken, sights ready to be admired, moments ready to be captured and peace ready to be felt.

Art is my truth and art is my honesty.

The world is not just earth, fire, water, and air but so much more than that, the world is my sanctuary. An artist does everything (s)he can to feel close to their art in every possible way, and suffers everything, doing anything to achieve the level of satisfaction and peace, in his art.

But, like all things good and pure must endure the negativity, so does art, there comes a point when the art does not matter and the honesty, truth, satisfaction, peace of the performance, everything, goes down the drain when there is just a force hell-bent on crushing the very foundation that an artist stands on. We have been taught that an artist remains true and honest; an artist respects every single person, no matter what; an artist strives for the rush, pleasure and satisfaction of the performance; an artist bows down to the stage; this is what students have learned from their teachers, but what comes like a wrecking ball to our teachings and mental peace, are people who seem to shun the very basis of what we stand on.

The society still remains rigid in their beliefs and opinions, and many artists still suffer due to the harsh criticisms and insults. A tad bit of support and care can become the water and nourishment for a seed already in the process of growth. The society has never been appreciative of art or artists because the sole purpose of it is to expose the society to its own emotions. Only the truly vulnerable can accept art, as it is.

It is important for artists to feel supported and appreciated. Art is not meant to be sold and commercialised but the artist needs to live and fend for himself. If a doctor wouldn’t treat for free if a shopkeeper wouldn’t sell for free if a worker wouldn’t work for free; why should an artist work for simply exposure? An artist deserves to be paid, they deserve appreciation and support in any way that the society can provide them. Spreading art is a peaceful experience but money is needed to sustain in the material world. Not heavy and outrageous commerce and business but subtle reimbursement for the efforts of the artists. This is what the artists need to work and survive in this race of society.

It hurts to know that there are so many students who have been working, putting their efforts, sacrificing so many things, have to face rejection from their own families and hardships. It is not just disheartening but a dark truth of society nowadays. There will always be people to wreck your purity, your principles, your truth, your honesty, your peace, your creativity, and your ART. However, what will always matter is that a true artist, a good person will always stand with their head held high remembering all that has been taught to him, all that he does and strive for. The society will turn around for pure souls like those of the artist’s striving for perfection and their soul’s satisfaction.

Be the light and guide others, and never creep into the darkness.

Because a true artist lives for the art and art lives for the true artist.

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