Are you tired of missing out on opportunities after opportunities?
Want to give your passion a try or simply experiment to see where your interests lie?(Well, your heart will give either a yes or even a no, at least the uncertainty will go).
Or are you that socialite who just wants to meet a few cool people? (Yes, it’s us :p).

Penned Peeps is the platform that you had been waiting for. It doesn’t matter what is your heart’s desire, poetry, storytelling, painting, singing, dancing, stand-up or anything else, (even if you don’t have any talent), we got you covered. Pouring your heart out about that old high school crush, or talking it up with your fictional creations, or simply displaying the canvas of pure emotions, we got you covered. We organize events and offer you the stage to showcase your art and to showcase yourself, to embed your memory in every person’s heart.

P.s: We’re India Book of Records holder! :p

P.S: We’re India Book of Records holder! :p